Embroidery is the best way to create that high quality look while also creating something that will last. Our in-house embroiders can wait to put your message on hats, shirts, jackets and more. All our embroidery is done on premise so we can asure you the quality will be top notch.

Embroidery Basics

Designs are prepared for embroidery by passing through a process called “digitizing”. Digitizing determines the stitch types and directions, to create the best result possible.

The price of embroidery is calculated from the size of the design and the composition of the stitches. Together they create the stitch count.  The lower the stitch count, the lower the cost since it takes less thread and less time to sew the design.

4 Easy  Steps to create your Design!
 1. Choose an item from one of  our apparel or accessories catalogs.
2. Decide on a design or wording you want.
3. Decide what colors of  thread you want.
4. Contact us with the details, including amount of product placement of the design, and we will give  you a price quote.


Look through our Catalogs or call us and let us help find the perfect product.